Torcello is a small island with few inhabitants, but in summer it fills up with tourists who come to visit the basilica of Santa Maria Assunta, which has mosaics, the venetian-byzantine and a bell tower that overlooks the nearby island of Burano, to the Devil's Bridge, a bridge without a railing, and the bench seat of stone, known as the Throne of Attila the hun.


It is an island in the venetian lagoon, which is situated 7 kilometers from Venice, Italy, a distance that can be covered in 40 minutes by water bus. Its current population is about 7,000 inhabitants.

San Francesco del Deserto

San Francesco del Desierto is an island in the venetian lagoon, with a surface area of about 4 hectares. It is located between San Erasmo and Burano. Home to a convent. The island was populated since the time of the Roman Empire.

Saint Lazarus of the Armenians

San Lazzaro degli Armeni is a small island in the venetian lagoon, north-eastern Italy, located immediately west of the Lido, completely occupied by a monastery, the main seat of the Order Mekitarista, since the island is one of the most important centers in the world for the Armenian culture.

San Servolo

San Servolo is an island in the venetian lagoon, in the south-east of San Giorgio Maggiore. The benedictine monks have lived on the island from at least the EIGHTH century and for almost 500 years.


Vignole is an island in the venetian lagoon, in northern Italy, with a surface area of about 69,20 hectares. It is located north-west of Venice, between the islands of Sant'erasmo and The Certosa. Vignole is actually composed of two islands, distinct, connected by a bridge.

Sant' Erasmo

Sant' Erasmo is one of those venetian islands that spark the imagination. Every time you dine at a restaurant that uses local ingredients, we refer to the products of Sant'erasmo. The so-called the orchard of Venice is a perfect place for a walk of half a day away from the crowds. However, it is not at all like Venice. Don't expect palaces, museums or shops. You will find only the fields full of vegetables, channels and tranquility while you are surrounded by breathtaking views of the nature of the lagoon.