POC Veneto Region

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AXIS 3. ACTION 3.3.4 D
POC – Operational Program Complementary to the ERDF 2014-2020. DGR n. 1392 of 16 September 2020. Action 3.3.4/D "Call for the activation, development and consolidation of SME aggregations for interventions on national and international markets that favor the recovery of tourist demand towards tourist destinations and products in the Region in line with the coordinated image of the Veneto Region «Veneto, The Land of Venice»”.


The “Veneto Waterways: waterways between nature and culture” project was born with the aim of consolidating the many years of experience and tourist offer of river and lagoon navigation operators, through the unitary proposal of products and services functional to the development of a new transversal tourist offer represented by Slow & Green experiences and holidays (river and lagoon itineraries and excursions, fishing tourism, bike & boat experiences, tastings on boats / restaurants / cellars / huts, Villas and Castles along the waterways, kayaking, cycle tourism, etc.) , in line with the coordinated image “Veneto the Land of Venice”.

The tourism proposal, enhanced through the project, is consistent with the PSTV, the PTA mentioned in the tender and the strategic directions of the DMPs of the DMOs of the territory covered by the project.

The proposing aggregation was established in the form of a Temporary Purpose Association (ATS), with the participation of 23 economic operators whose lead company is HELLOVENETO – GENTES TOUR OPERATOR DI COGO PAOLO.

Numerous regional operators in the navigation sector (river and lagoon) are represented, giving optimal coverage to the key theme of the aggregation, offering the possibility of carrying out excursions or holidays in which the water element becomes central as the common thread of the Slow&Green knowledge paths of the Veneto area, as well as for bike&boat experiences, with heated boats, some electric, some accessible to disabled people. There are also SMEs linked to related services, such as travel agencies and tour operators, accommodation facilities, entities that deal with bike and e-bike rental, sport fishing experiences, kayaking, urban trekking, walking paths, cultural and catering operators, with ability to contribute directly and effectively to the qualification and promotion of Veneto Waterways tourism products.

The call for the activation, development and consolidation of SME aggregations for interventions that favor orientation towards tourist demand and international markets financed under the POC ERDF Special Section - Veneto Complementary Operational Program 14-20 _Action 3.3.4 D_D .GR no. 1392/2020 rewarded the ATS by allocating a non-repayable contribution of €471,130.58 against a total planned investment of €588,913.22.