our company

Our history

Laguna Fla Group was founded in March 2009 to realize Massimiliano's dream, or to make known that part of the Venice lagoon that cannot be reached by public transport.

We started sailing with the hood, already owned by us, and, given the positive response from users, we expanded the fleet by adding the "Romano" Bragozzo. It was destiny: Maximilian's grandfather was really called Romano!

Over the years, collaborators and helpers have followed one another, family and not, up to today's reality: a company where the collaboration of the family is the only pivot on which everything revolves.

Our experience in the navigation

Massimiliano's experience in the field of navigation has deep roots since childhood, as a good Buranello / Venetian, but his professional career began in 1999, with the achievement of the most varied nautical titles. 

This has allowed him to navigate in the lagoon of Venice, in the veneto Coast, the lagoon of Caorle and Grado, Marano, the rivers Tagliamento, Star, Livenza, Treviso, Lemene, Riviera del Brenta, commanding various types of boats.

Our values

Our company was founded to preserve and promote the Burano lace, and the part most hidden and unknown in the Lagoon of Venice.

Through itineraries, educational and nature trails designed specifically for this purpose, we emphasize how these two realities live always in symbiosis

Also for this was born the service line, starting from Altino, thought to connect the mainland to the islands, sailing in the blue area of the Northern Lagoon of Venice