made in italy

We offer you some realisations from our private collection,
to get a better idea of the wonder of this workmanship as unique as it is precious
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Baby christening dress

Made entirely by hand: little dress created and embroidered by seamstress Rosanna, with lace appliqué designed and made by lacemaker Sandra: the two artistic grandmothers at work for their granddaughters.

Tie lace

Design and execution by Sandra's apprentice and granddaughter, Federica. This tie participated in a competition in 2017, receiving an honor diploma.


These gloves were designed and created by Sandra on the occasion of her granddaughter Ludovica's First Communion, to keep a very old tradition alive.


Never so topical is this depiction of "World Peace," drawn by four hands and created by Federica for a competition in 2014, at the age of 16.

Winged lion

Here is the symbol of Venice: the winged lion of St. Mark's, also made entirely by the expert hands of master lacemaker Sandra, on the occasion of the 1600th anniversary of the founding of Venice. There are only 4 examples, created by Sandra, all different from each other, as is logical in handmade creations.


Another symbol of Venice: the carnival mask. Actually, few people know that the carnival initially originated on the island of Burano itself, and only later, in 1980, did it come to Venice.

The lack of a hug

In these two years of a pandemic we have had to adapt and change our habitual actions, we stopped using common gestures such as hugs. The two figures represent humanity and the tree of life, to demonstrate, however, that things have gone ahead. If we combine the continuity of the rebirth we get the period that we have passed from the beginning of the pandemic until the end Ludovica Zane.

Drawing, warping and realization: Ludovica Zane
Work: Feelings in the pause
Points used: the Greek, the Greek of two, sacola fixed, raised, and point K

The Burano lace tradition

The Burano lace tradition has been in our family for four generations. It began, in fact, with great-great-grandmother Elisa, followed by her daughter, great-grandmother Adelina. Then came the turn of grandmother Sandra, who in turn is teaching her granddaughters.

Initially the girls learned this ancient art at the Burano Lace School, now turned into a museum, while now it is passed down in the family.

What can we make with Burano lace?

Burano lace is one of the most time-consuming craft techniques to make: in fact, only a needle and cotton thread are used.

With this ancient technique you can make any thing on the commission: from the bedding to the
home (tablecloths, sheets, towels) to the underwear, not to mention the wedding dresses and
ceremony, accessories, and anything in your desires.

You can also take customized courses, required by the teacher lacemaker, Sandra, in our
workshop in Burano.

We will keep you updated with niece Ludovica's upcoming creations as she grapples with
her first contests.